We provide the following services:
Maintenance, cleaning of Hp laser, multifunctional and inkjet printers. We do not service Samsung branded machines and HP warranty machines. (Call HP official support:  link or You can check warranty status
When you take a machine, we make a bid for servicing (above 12000HUF). We send notice email or SMS after the service.
We attach test pages to the machine.

You can pay in cash, in HUF only

If you contact us, please give an exact model No. of your machine and errors you noticed, or attach a photo or a scanned bad print in an e-mail. For example Laserjet 1010 (Q2460A), on a print you see black stripes vertically.
Please attach power adapter and cord (220 Voltage) and ink cartridges, toner cartridges to the machine.
For sale 220V power adapters for notebooks, printers

Address: Budapest XI. Moricz Zsigmond square 3/b.
doorbell: 62
Phone.: 06 70 267 1923, (06 1) 209 3532
Open hours: Mon, Tue, Thu 12.00-18.00 P.M.; Wed, Fri: 12.00-17.30 P.M.

We are on holiday from Friday 19/07/2019 to Monday 12/08/2019.